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Regional Networks

Regional networks are an important aspect of malaria control work. During recent years, regional networks have become increasingly useful in providing epidemiological and mapping information for assessment and targeting of malaria control measures.

Regional networks are important collaborators with the Roll Back Malaria movement. During the inception process, they have provided much useful mapping and epidemiological information.

This assists in allocation of scarce resources to priority locations [those with malaria problems] in operational work. Below are highlights of three regional malaria networks.

Mapping Malaria Areas in Africa

Detailed mapping of malaria risk and endemicity has never been done in Africa. MARA/ARMA has provided a great number of maps to Roll Back Malaria that are based on Remote Sensing. Remote Sensing provides a technology for major improvements in epidemiological mapping over technologies available just ten years ago.

The malaria maps are theoretical models based on available long-term climate data, rather than actual malaria data. They show the theoretical suitability of local climatic, and therefore the potential distribution of malaria in the average year.


ACTMalaria - Asia

The Asian Collaborative Training Network for Malaria (ACTMalaria) is an intercountry initiative between Bangladesh, Cambodia, China (Yunnan Province), Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam:
  1. To collect, develop, and disseminate training materials and to implement practical training courses to meet the needs of malaria control programs in southeast Asia and the Mekong valley.
  2. To improve communication between these countries on malaria control problems affecting their common borders.
Newsletters are on line and contain programmatic information and regional statistics.

Regional Malaria Control Programme in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam -
Supported by European Commission

The European Community Regional Malaria Control Programme has been active with Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam.

African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network

AMVTN (the African Malaria Vaccine Testing Network) is a non-profit network established in 1995 in Arusha, Tanzania. Its objective is to provide a forum for scientists and policy makers involved in the planning, coordination, and execution of malaria vaccination trials in Africa.

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