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  1. Article - The Case for DDT: What do you do when a dreaded environmental pollutant saves lives? By J. Raloff. Science News. Vol. 158, No. 1, July 1, 2000, p. 12. Please also see this item about kala azar deaths under conditions of DDT shortage.
  2. News Article - Unicef Takes on Malaria as Top Priority in Kids' Health
  3. News Article - $750 Million Pledged for Roll Back Malaria - April 2000. Second Article
  4. News Article - UNICEF Supports Roll Back Malaria Effort - April 2000
  5. Press Release - Economic Costs of Malaria are Much Higher than Previously Estimated - from RBM
  6. News Article - Malaria Hurts Africa's Economy
  7. News Transcript - Global Economic Development Suffering Because of Disease and Poverty
  8. News Article - Debt Servicing Slows Work Against Malaria - April 2000
  9. Press Release - Strengthening Health Research in the Developing World: Malaria research capacity in Africa - Multilateral Initiative on Malaria [MIM] - 18 November 1999.
  10. News Article - Bed Nets Promoted to Reduce Malaria
  11. News Article - 400 Million Cases Of Malaria Are Reported Every Year
  12. News Article - Progress on Malaria Vaccine Front
  13. Press Release - Drug & Vaccine Development for TB & Malaria
  14. News Article - Interview with Dr. Dyann Wirth of Harvard SPH and Dr. Evan Lee of Medecins Sans Frontieres
  15. News Article - Drug Groups and U.N. Offices Join to Develop Malaria Cures - Medicines for Malaria Venture
  16. News Article - Malarone Donation Programme
  17. Press Release - from New York Times - Medicines for Malaria Venture [MMV]
  18. News Article - Drug Groups and U.N. Offices Join to Develop Malaria Cures
  19. Press Release - Medicins Sans Frontieres, winner of 1999 Nobel Peace Prize, calls for access to medicines to fight infectious diseases in the developing world
  20. News Release - One Bednet for Every African Child - from Roll Back Malaria
  21. News Article - Consultative Meeting on Roll Back Malaria in Zambia - includes information on malaria's toll in Zambia
  22. News Article - Supply of Bed Nets for Africa
  23. News Article - Interview with Gro Harlem Brundtland, Director-General of WHO.
  24. News Article - DDT, Target of Global Ban, Finds Defenders in Experts on Malaria
  25. News Article - Malaria Fears at Planned DDT Ban
  26. Column - DDT Ban Should Not Proceed. By Richard Tren, Ph.D.
  27. Column - Public Beliefs, Global Politics, and Pesticides

Malaria News from Africa

  1. News Article - Bill Gates Funds New Malaria Centre in Dar es Salaam
  2. News Article - 40 million Rand Lubombo Spraying Programme To Slash Malaria Infection Rate
  3. News Article - South Africa Defends DDT Use to Fight Malaria
  4. News Article - Malaria's Relentless March - South Africa - article contains case number figures -
  5. News Article - DDT Necessary to Fight Malaria Epidemic in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
  6. News Article - Uganda Launches Malaria Prevention Programme
  7. News Article - Malaria Kills 26,000 Kenyan Children a Year
  8. News Article - Malaria Kills as Hospital Runs Out of Money - Ethiopia
  9. News Article - Malaria Dominates Out-patient Cases in Ghana and Causes Significant Mortality
  10. News Article - Kenya Issues Malaria Alert - May 2000
  11. News Article - Kenya Issues Malaria Alert - November 1999
  12. News Article - Kenya's Kisii Highlands Struck by Deadly Form of Malaria
  13. News Article - Many Cases in Kisii, Kenya
  14. Editorial - Uganda - Refers to Vector Control Successes with Bednets and During 1950s.
  15. News Article - One Woman's Story from Zambia
  16. News Article - Zambia; Ndola Anti-Malaria Drive Yields Positive Results
  17. ProMed Mail Post - Chloroquine Resistance Worries Tanzanian Health Minister
  18. ProMed Mail Post - Tanzania Bans Import Of Chloroquine because of Parasite Resistance
  19. News Article - Malaria Hits Mozambican Economy; Clogs Hospitals - April 2000
  20. News Article - Malaria Control in Zimbabwe
  21. News Article - DDT Necessary to Fight Malaria Epidemic in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
  22. Discussion - Emergency Use of DDT vs. Anopheles funestus in South African Malaria Epidemic
  23. News Article - Highest Number of Malaria Cases in South Africa since 1932. Written in December 1999.
  24. News Article - Malaria cases in South Africa. Written in October 1999.
  25. News Article - Health Ministers Gather to Discuss Africa's Health Problems

Malaria News from Indian Subcontinent and Asia

  1. News Article - Success in Malaria Control in United Arab Emirates
  2. News Article - 408 Kala-azar Deaths in Bihar, says Minister. linked to shortage of DDT - preventable deaths!
  3. News Article - Kala Azar claims lives of 51 patients in Vaishali District during 1999 - preventable deaths!
    • News Item - Drug Resistance in an eminently preventable disease, Kala Azar
    • News Item - Background Information on States of India infected with Kala Azar
  4. News Article - Operational failures throughout program in Bihar.
  5. News Article - Operational Failure in Bihar, India.
  6. News Article - Cerebral Malaria in Noida, India
  7. News Article - from The Statesman (India) - Malaria in Calcutta
  8. News Article - Hazaribagh in Grip of Malaria Epidemic - Times of India
  9. News Article - Government of India Fails to Bring Down Malaria Incidence in Tribal Areas
  10. News Article - Lack of Control Scheme Caused Sudden Outbreak of Malaria - India
  11. News Article - 24 Million Hit by Malaria in Bangladesh: WHO
  12. News Article - Malaria Killing Resettled Persons in Myanmar
  13. News Article - Malaria Threat to Soldiers in Thailand
  14. News Article - Malaria Kills 10 People on Lombok
  15. News Article - Malaria, Diarrhea, Pneumonia in East Timor Refugees
  16. News Article - Malaria Cases Soar to 37 in Kangwon-do, South Korea.

Malaria News from the Americas

  1. ProMed Mail Post - Malaria, atualizacao - Brasil
  2. News Article - Malaria Cases Increasing in Nicaragua
  3. ProMed Mail Post - Malaria and Dengue in Ecuador - March 2000
  4. ProMed Mail Post - Malaria and Dengue in Ecuador - March 2000
  5. News Article - Malaria Kills 100 in Anajas, Brazil
  6. News Article - Aumento de 45% Nos Casos de Malaria no Amazonas - em Portugues
  7. News Transcript - from CNN - Malaria in Brazil.

Other News Items

  1. News Transcript - ABC News World News Tonight - Infectious Diseases Not Being Taken Seriously Enough
  2. News Article - Caution about Potential for Malaria in Europe
  3. News Article - Airport Vicinity Malaria in Luxembourg
  4. Opinion - Injecting Conscience

Travel Articles

  1. Travel Article - Caution about Malaria in Southeast Asia
  2. Travel Article - Hints for Prevention of Malaria
  3. Travel Article - Malaria on the Rise In Southern Africa
  4. Travel Article - Ministry Issues Malaria Warning for Asia, Africa

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