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Malaria Killing Scores As Hospital Runs Out of Medicine

DATELINE: The Daily Monitor (Addis Ababa) - September 21, 2000

LOCATION: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Malaria is killing several people due to the absence of glucose and medication, according to a report published by Ifoyta, a party owned weekly. The paper reported an undisclosed but a large number of people including children who cannot take oral medicine are dying.

It quoted hospital officials as saying that they have run out of medicine. Moreover, the region's malaria control office said because it had run out of slides and the necessary chemicals, it has been forced to abandon the task of making blood examinations.

Administrator of Gambella Hospital Ato Hukoch Agid, who admitted the depletion of medication in the hospital disclosed that there was no budget allocated for a restocking. He explained the hospital has no money to purchase the required medicines but has made the Regional Health Bureau aware of the problem.

Ato Osman Agud, who is head of the region's health bureau, in turn acknowledged the notice given by the hospital. But, he explained his office has asked EPHARM, a government owned pharmaceutical, to give them a proforma invoice.

He explained that since they are prohibited to buy the medicine from elsewhere, they have to wait for the response from EPHARM, which they will relay to the Regional Finance Bureau in order to get the necessary funds for the purchase. The Regional Finance Bureau will not release the funds unless it gets a copy of the Proforma Invoice from EPHARM.

"That is why, he said, we have been unable so far to meet the needs of the hospital."


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