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Cerebral Malaria Claims Many Lives

NOIDA: More than a dozen persons have died of cerebral malaria in Greater Noida, even as malaria and typhoid are sweeping through most of the area.

Hospitals in Dadri, for instance, remain packed with fever patients. And beds have been placed even in the corridors. Local hospitals have referred many patients to hospitals in Ghaziabad and elsewhere.

Requested to comment on the cerebral malaria deaths, UP minister of state for health, Dr A K Jain, said, `This kind of thing keeps happening. For instance, hundreds have died of encephalitis in Gonda and Bahraich. This should not be sensationalised.''

Dr Piyush Agarwal of Dadri's Bhagwati nursing home, said encephalitis in the area is being caused by cerebral malaria and also mismanaged typhoid. ``The symptoms can include high fever, difficulty in breathing, hypotension (fall in blood pressure) and erratic behaviour on account of the brain involvement. The onset can be sudden, or it can come on two or three days after the fever begins''.

He said the mortality rate for encephalitis ``can be 15 to 20 per cent even with the best treatment. Jarcha Kalonda and Khatana are the worst affected areas of Greater Noida''.

Dr Dhirendra Singh said his Navin hospital was coming across 30 to 40 malaria cases a day, apart from many of typhoid. Several cases with symptoms of encephalitis have also arrived. "We have had 60 malaria patients from neighbouring Khandera village alone. Over 75 per cent of the village has had malaria," he said.

Meanwhile, Gautam Budh Nagar chief medical officer, Dr Shravan Kumar, admitted to several deaths from cerebral malaria lately. He also admitted a high incidence of malaria and typhoid.

Dr Kumar said all fever patients should be rushed to hospital, so that lives could be saved.

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