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From The Jerusalem Post -


Ministry Issues Malaria Warning for Asia, Africa

DATELINE: January 5, 2000, Wednesday

BYLINE: Judy Siegel

The death from malaria last week of a 56-year-old Haifa man who was working in Kenya induced the Health Ministry yesterday to warn travelers to seek prophylactic treatment at least a month before leaving for Asia, Africa, or South America.

Even though the victim had been infected with malaria a year before, he didn't take preventive medications. In addition, he apparently didn't learn a lesson from his 25- year-old son, who visited him for two weeks in Kenya and came down with malaria.

A 42-year-old woman from Haifa who visited her husband at his workplace in Africa also was infected after not getting prophylactic care, but she recovered.

The ministry noted that travel agencies are now offering special last-minute flights to Third World countries. These deals can be dangerous, because there isn't enough time in a few days to take preventive treatment.

Another Haifa resident recently sued the Mombasa Paradise travel agency, because it sold him tickets three days before the flight to Africa without informing him of the need to get medications and vaccines. As a result, he came down with a severe case of malaria, was hospitalized in intensive care, and developed respiratory and renal (kidney) insufficiency. He now needs dialysis and a respirator.

Webmaster's Note:Although two weeks is sufficient time before a trip to begin taking malaria prophylaxis, a longer period of planning is needed for a first overseas trip. The reason is that vaccination series, i.e. hepatitis A/B; yellow fever etc. take up to six months.

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