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From Times of Zambia - Africa News


Zambia; Ndola Anti-Malaria Drive Yields Positive Results

DATELINE: January 4, 2000

BYLINE: Times Reporter, Times of Zambia (Lusaka)

Lusaka - The multi-million Kwacha anti-malaria campaign which kicked off in Ndola early last year has had remarkable results.

Ndola City Council spokesman Mumbuna Kufekisa said yesterday because of the encouraging results, the sponsors Bwana Mkubwa Mine had pledged to pump more money into the project. Bwana Mkubwa has spent more than K100 million on the project for materials and other costs while the council has been providing labour and transport.

The company has pledged to release a further K60 million for the second phase of the drive. Half of the dambos which the council had identified across the city as notorious breeding grounds for mosquitoes had been sprayed with insecticide.

"We are happy with the results the campaign has scored. So far, we have destroyed 50 per cent of major breeding grounds for mosquitoes," Mr. Kufekisa said.

The council had embarked on the project after studies showed that malaria was responsible for most of the deaths recorded in the city. So far, all the dambos in high cost residential areas including Itawa, Kansenshi, Northrise and Kanini had been sprayed. Meanwhile, the Ndola City Council has discovered an anomaly where more than 30 apartments at the Itawa complex are not on the computer roll.

Mr. Kufekisa said yesterday the affected tenants had been given a period in which to settle their outstanding arrears. He also disclosed that the council had identified a number of people at the Itawa council flats who were running shebeens and hair salons illegally.

"We have also ordered two people who are illegally operating two containers as groceries at the Itawa council flats to remove them," Mr. Kufekisa said. He said the council had managed very well to remove street vendors and would not allow people to start vending at the flats.

The council has also warned of evictions to tenants owing more than K85 million in rent arrears at the flats and the Masala Chinese housing complex. Mr. Kufekisa said yesterday that the defaulters would soon be kicked out.

He said council houses were still the cheapest in comparison to other organisations. Council tenants were only required to pay K50,000 for a three bed-roomed house and K40,000 for a two bedroomed house in Masala complex.

The council is owed more than K60 million in rent arrears at the Itawa council flats alone.

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