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From Xinhua News Agency


UAE Succeeding in Malaria Control

BYLINE: By Bronwen Roberts

DATELINE: Abu Dhabi, August 15, 1999; ITEM NO: 0815075

The transmission of malaria has been successfully controlled in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) due to the preventive measures taken by the ministry of health. "all malaria cases diagnosed in the last six years in the UAE were found in expatriates or those who visited countries plagued with the disease," reported gulf today daily on sunday. there are 12 mobile teams to monitor malaria across the country, and every year, a malaria test is conducted in 50,000 random blood samples, Dr. Mahmoud Fikri, assistant under-secretary for preventive medicine at the ministry of health, told the paper. all the malaria cases diagnosed have been treated locally, he added. he said the ministry is coordinating with the World Health Organization to test a new method to control malaria by using a biological fish to kill the larva that causes malaria instead of using chemical insecticides. natural breeding grounds of the Anopheles mosquitoes, which transmit the disease, are limited in the uae and have been further reduced during this summer. some 83,005 potential breeding grounds in the uae were identified and checked in 1994, of which only 1,493 showed the presence of the Anopheles mosquitoes. a delegation from the ministry will attend the regional consultation meeting on the "Roll Back Malaria" program, to be held in Cairo, Egypt, from September 14 to 16. fikri said the meeting is aimed at exposing the countries in the eastern Mediterranean region to the strategic plan for implementation of the program.

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