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From Korea Times


Malaria Cases Soar to 37 in Kangwon-do

BYLINE: Times of India News Service

DATELINE: August 12, 1999, Thursday

A growing number of people have come down with malaria in Kangwon-do, alerting local health authorities.

The Kangwon-do government said yesterday that 37 cases of malaria have been reported so far this year, up from 15 cases last year.

It said 26 malaria patients were reported in Chorwon, three in Wonju, two in Hwachon and one each in six cities and counties in the province.

Malaria is an infectious tropical disease, which is usually transmitted by a certain strain of mosquitoes during the summer time.

Malaria patients generally show symptoms of hectic fever, cold and vomiting.

The local authorities are busy taking measures to prevent the outbreak of more malaria cases.

In particular, there is a high possibility that the number of malaria cases will rise further because many regions of Kangwon-do were swept by floods at the end of July and early this month.

There had been no reported cases of malaria in Kangwon-do since 1979 until 1997, when 10 people were infected with the disease in Chorwon.

Last year, the province reported 82 cases of malaria, of which 50 occurred in Chorwon.

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