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Our Mission is to facilitate the development and implementation of solutions to the
health, economic, and social problems caused by malaria.
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This new section of the MFI site is under development!
In the near future, we will provide information enhanced with images. The initial information that will be presented will enable you to "Learn About Vectors", "Learn About Control", and "Learn About Vector Breeding Sites".
The MFI will continue to develop and add to this section of information.

The first MFI Business Leadership conference was hosted by Emory University on 6 Dec 2005.
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Learn more about malaria here!
A beautiful new, interactive, animated teaching module with three parts:
1) The malaria parasite and the mosquito that passes it to humans
2) When and how the infected mosquito comes in contact with humans
3) DDT's effectiveness at malaria control (this module allows you to assess the probability that DDT will reduce malaria transmission)
Created and kindly provided by Gregory Andre and Donald Roberts.

The Factpack is a document filled with bullet-point facts about malaria.

Background Information document provides further information about the global issues of malaria. These documents provide information gathered by the MFIl - with contributions from over thirty international medical and scientific experts and from the UK Dept for International Development.

Executive summary for Economics of Malaria Center for Development, Harvard University, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine written by Jeffrey Sachs.

This glossary is provided as a help to understanding some of the special terms that are used with malaria and malaria vectors.

Recommendations for malaria drug prophylaxis by area - 2000 A map from the World Health Organisation
Malaria Life Cycle  The life cycle of the malaria parasite from the TATA Institute of Bombay, India
Malaria and Drug Resistance A report by Titus Bradley from Univ. of Leicester, UK
Navy Medical Department Pocket Guide to Malaria Prevention and Control Navy Environmental Health Center
Atlas of Medical Parasitology:  Plasmodium falciparum Life cycle and histology from the Carlo Denegri Foundation, Turin, Italy
The Malaria Website of Brown Univ. RI, USA Life cycle, vaccine development, epidemiology, and more
A description of malaria  The University of Leicester, UK
Malaria WHO: Fact Sheet #94
Malaria Program (Map of Endemic Countries; Description of Malaria)
Animations of the P. falciparum infection cycle (Quicktime format) The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research Melbourne, Australia
Mosquito Bytes
University of Wisconsin-Madison; Nat'l Inst. for Science Education; Nat'l Science Foundation
Medicine Planet
risks, diseases, alerts

This site has a picture gallery of stamps dealing with the subject of malaria . A fun way to learn about where malarious countries are and you can join a malaria stamp club.
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