Our mission is to help improve the Cobb County Schools through voter education and grass roots activism, with the belief that a well informed electorate will make better decisions for the students of Cobb County.


 Parents, Teachers and Students of Cobb County, Georgia.
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Advancing Cobb County Education Supporting Students

Mathematics Curriculum

February 2009. First-Year Results of Federal Mathematics Education Study Shed Light on What Works To Raise Math Achievement in Early Grades Widely Used Math Curricula in U.S. Schools Yield Significantly Different Results Press release from the Mathematica Policy Research Inc. and Full Report

The Critical Foundations of Algebra
By Hung-Hsi Wu
University of California, Berkeley 2008

Comprehensive comparison of the current calendar with the 3 options proposed by CCSB (pdf)

3rd Grade Teacher Time Allotment Survey (word document)

Dear 3rd Grade Teachers of the Cobb County School District, please help us understand how you spend your day in the classroom by filling out this anonymous survey . Download the Time Allotment Survey Form, fill it out and send it to us before March 31, 2009. The information obtained through this instrument will be analyzed and presented by the ACCESS group at various meetings.

Cobb County Leaders in Education

MDJ’s columnist, JoEllen Smith, writes about Dr. Lisa Rossbacher, the President of Southern Polytechnic State University. Read her column. March 6 2009.