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Embracing Humanity Worldwide

Our Mission is to facilitate the development and implementation of solutions to the health, economic, and social problems caused by malaria.


The Malaria Foundation was founded in 1992 by Dr. Mary R. Galinski.  With the commitment and dedication of malaria researchers and experts in a variety of professions, plans were carried forward to create a private international entity dedicated to the effective prevention, treatment, and control of malaria. The Malaria Foundation, Inc. became registered in the United States as a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 1993, and was subsequently renamed the Malaria Foundation International (MFI). Steps have since been taken to develop interactive MFI branches in other parts of the world. The MFI's organizational structure includes its Board of Trustees, International Board, Scientific Advisory Board, Executive Director, and Program Directors. Its activities are also guided and supported by its business advisors, sponsors and other supporters.

Why the Malaria Foundation was started....

The incidence and severity of malaria was on the rise worldwide, with up to 500 million annual cases, and the availability and application of effective solutions was not immediately forthcoming. Resistance to available drugs was spreading rapidly, making them unreliable in many parts of the world, and a malaria vaccine was years away from being produced, tested, and deployed. Furthermore, social programs to curb the spread of malaria through education and community control activities were limited, and in many places were non-existent. Meanwhile, funding for malaria research and control was not only extremely limited, especially compared to the scope of the problem, but was decreasing, and no other organization existed that was dedicated specifically to addressing problems caused by this disease.

*The situation remains as serious today. However, the world is beginning to pay serious attention to this problem. Several global initiatives have sprung up in the past few years, and the outlook for progress is much more promising as a result.

MFI's Website: A Gateway for Malaria-Related Information....

In 1995, the MFI opened the www.malaria.org website to bring together information about malaria that existed and to fill in the gaps where no information was available. The website has evolved to be not only a gateway for malaria-related information but also a facilitator to help other malaria initiatives upon start-up. The website Communication Center was implemented to serve the scientific community in many capacities, and has done so successfully.

 The Future....

The Malaria Foundation International was founded with the tenet that much more must be learned about malaria before long-lasting preventative and curative methods can be assured. The ultimate solutions will come through further research and its effective application. This will require strong political will and steadfast dedication, along with enhanced global communication and networking, long-term funding commitments, sustainable training programs, and capacity building.

Our Mission....

To facilitate the development and implementation of solutions to the health, economic and social problems caused by malaria.

To this end, the Malaria Foundation International supports programs that facilitate:

(1)  global communication and networking

(2) malaria research

(3) education

(4) training

(5) leadership for malaria control

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