This is to announce the first release of the UNDP/World Bank/TDR CD-ROM of malaria information.

Included in this release is all the data, sequence and otherwise, normally found at the WHO web site together with genome data kindly made available by the three malaria sequencing centres at Sanger, TIGR and Stanford University. There are over 300 Mb of various sorts of data on the CD.

The CD-ROM is available free of charge and can be read on both PC and Macintosh platforms. The CD-ROM will automatically be sent to all recipients of the WHO database who used to receive floppy disk mailouts. Anyone else wishing the CD-ROM should e-mail Karena Waller at or fax 61 3 9905 4811

Clearly the data will only include that available at the time of pressing and more recent data can be accessed via the web at the relevant URLs. Please note that all unfinished genome sequence is provisional only and governed by the release policy of the individual sequence centres. The CD-ROMs will appear 2-3 times a year and will be developed into a more comprehensive information resource. All suggestions for inclusions or improvements will be gratefully sought.