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PlasmoDB (UPenn) Version 4.1 now available
Center of information for Genome Sequencing Project; GUS database; Data Mining Tools/Data Download; Gene Plot
P. falciparum Genome Project Consortium:
SangerCenter   StanfordUniversity    TIGR
Sequencing of the genome has been split on a chromosome by chromosome basis among these 3 sequencing centres.
Partial sequence data for P. vivax, P. berghei, P. falciparum
Malaria genetics and genomics. Includes organism specific sequence BLAST databases, genome maps, linkage markers, genetic studies.
STACK database searches. Plasmodium transcript reconstruction and searches.
Malaria Genome Mapping Data   WEHI/Monash University 
Mapping and STS data generated by a consortium of research laboratories in the United Kingdom, the USA, and Australia.
Malaria Database (WHO-TDR)    WEHI/Monash University
Nucleotide, protein, and genome sequencing information.
Parasite genome databases and genome research resources.
Mosquito Genomics  Colorado State Univ.
Comprehensive mosquito genomics databases.
Anopheles Database (AnoDB)  
Cytology    Inst. Mol. Bio. and Biotech. (IMBB) of the Foundation of Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), Greece
Genomic/ biological information on anopheline mosquitoes. Cytogenetic data of Anopheles gambiae.
Disclaimer: The MAD has not been updated since 1995 and is without support. It is only provided at the express demand of some users.
WHO parasite genome web pages hosted by EBI

Science Functional Genomics
Science magazine (AAAS)

This new resource provides a quick, user-friendly reading on the state of things in the postgenomic world.
Malaria Genome Meetings - SUMMARIES
9th Malaria Genome Meeting
       June 2000
Hinxton, UK
8th Malaria Genome Meeting
2-3 December 1999
Washington, D.C., USA
7th Malaria Genome Meeting
21-23 July 1999
Hinxton, UK
6th Malaria Genome Meeting
29 January 1999
Chantilly, VA, USA
Database Development
23 November 1998
London, UK
5th Malaria Genome Meeting
30 June-1 July 1998
Hinxton, UK
4th Malaria Genome Meeting
11-12 December 1997
Orlando, FL, USA
3rd Malaria Genome Meeting
16-17 June 1997
Cambridge, UK
Malaria Genome Focus Group
7 April 1997
Rockville, MD, USA
2nd Malaria Genome Meeting
    December 1996
Baltimore, MD, USA
1st Malaria Genome Meeting
    May 1996
Washington, D.C., USA

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