Development of immunity by use of bednets

Malaria Research Network: DDT: Development of immunity by use of bednets
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Will children be able to develop enough immunity when they're protected by bednets?

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To Isabelvan Geloof,
Re yours re. bednets and immunity. I guess that this is a legitimate scientific question, however we must accept that for any child protected by bednets the chances of being KILLED BY MALARIA are reduced. I believe that much of the debate over the use of DDT for the control of MALARIA is done by people who do not live in MALARIA infested areas, and so such "trivial" matters become relevant. My personal experience is that ones system does in fact develop an immunity to MALARIA over a period of several years. As a well nourished and healthy man of 32 years of age I came to live in a MALARIA area 23 years age. I took preventative medicine for 1 month before I came. I was struck down by MALARIA within 21 days of my arrival. I had NO natural immunity and the Malaria that I had was Chloraquin resistant. Not until after 3 months and the introduction of Phansidar did I recover. I was seriously debilitated and lost 28 Kg. in body weight. I have been attacked several times by MALARIA in the following 23 years, but never as seriously as the first time.
I believe that my system now has some natural immunity, however without the access to Medicine that I had I could have easily died. Most children in MALARIA areas DO NOT have access to either Bednets OR Medicine. So why to worry.

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