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MIM Task Force Awards

Grants approved in February 1998:

ADENIYI, J. - College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria - Incorporating socio-cultural/economic characteristics of mothers/care-givers in home management of childhood malaria.

AJAIYEOBA, E. - PIMRAT, University of Ibadan, Nigeria - Identification and clinical evaluation of potential anti-malarial components from Nigerian phytomedicine compendium.

AKANMORI, B. - Noguchi Institute, Ghana - Immunopathology of severe anaemia in P.falciparum infected children.

DOUMBO, O. - University of Mali - Surveillance and control of drug-resistant malaria.

DOSSOU-YOVO, J. - OCCGE, Bouake, Ivory Coast - Influence of environment modification for rice cultivation on malaria transmission and morbidity in rural IVC forests.

KOKWARO, E. - University of Nairobi, Kenya - Integrated training/research project on clinical pharmacology of key drugs used to treat and manage P. falciparum malaria.

KORAM, K - Noguchi Institute, Ghana - Mapping response of P. falciparum to chloroquine and other antimalarial drugs in Ghana

LE SUEUR, D. - National Malaria Research Programme, South Africa - Mapping malaria risk in Africa (MARA).

MACHESO, A. - CHSU, Malawi - Optimal antimalarial drug policies in Malawi Ministry of Health. Monitoring and limiting evolution of resistance to widely used drugs

MSHINDA, H. - National Institute of Medical Research, Ifakara, Tanzania - Molecular epidemiology and modelling the spread of antimalarial drug resistance.

NWAGWU, M. - University of Ibadan, Nigeria - Antibodies that inhibit malaria merozoite surface protein-1 processing and erythrocyte invasion.

NTOUMI, F. - CIRM, Franceville, Gabon - Relation between complexity of infections, disease, transmission and human red blood polymorphism in two African countries.

OLADEPO, O. - PIMRAT, University of Ibadan, Nigeria - Intersectorial model for management, control, and policy formulation on drug resistant.

SHARP, B. - National Malaria Research Programme, South Africa - Development and implementation of molecular and biochemistry capability for insecticide resistance monitoring and management in South Africa.

VULULE, J. - KEMRI, Kenya - Population structure of A.gambiae and A funestus in Kenya and West Africa.

Further information can be requested to Dr. Fabio Zicker, MIM/TDR Task Force Manager.

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