DDT Discussion
Please read the introduction below (by Ruth Sponsler) which outlines the discussion format and purpose. The first Question to be addressed in the discussion is also written below. To be involved in the discussion, go to the
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Discussion Format:

In this forum, we will discuss the usage of DDT for malaria control. A worldwide ban on DDT has been proposed by the United Nations Environmental Program [UNEP]. The two moderators for this forum are Donald R. Roberts and R.C. Sponsler. R.C. Sponsler will mainly perform administrative-type functions, such as posting questions.

This is a discussion that concerns a topic of public interest. The moderators anticipate an excellent discussion. Summaries of the discussion will be released to the press, as there is much interest in this issue and it is felt that the best answers will come from a consensus garnered from the scientific community at large. Questions will be posted to this board periodically. The answers to some of the questions may be rather extensive. Please give your answers careful consideration. You may wish to write your answer off-line and copy/paste to this site. Participants are asked to utilize references in their discussions where applicable. References are preferably written publications. Web pages may be used as supplementary references. A good reference format to follow is that of the ESA or JAMCA. (An example is: Fontenille, D. and I. Rakotoarivony. 1988. Reappearance of Anopheles funestus as a malaria vector in the Antananarivo region, Madagascar. Trans. R. Soc. Trop. Med. Hyg. 82:644-645.) Looking forward to a terrific discussion!

Background Reading:

There is an interesting article by Dr. C.F. Curtis posted at the following site: http://scope.educ.washington.edu/welcome/malaria/
The article contains summary statistics for various regions. You may wish to read this article in preparation for the discussion.

Malaria statistics are published by Roll Back Malaria, the Pan-American Health Organization and by the EC Regional Malaria Programme. Some links to other sources of statistics are at this page. I hope that the participants will be able to share some facts and figures that I have missed here! Thanks!


A. Recently, articles have been published in the New York Times and in the Guardian of London concerning DDT and malaria control. The articles are available from this site. Please give an initial opinion regarding the future need for DDT in malaria control. This may be very brief [one sentence or a small paragraph], as we will go into this more deeply in the discussion.

B. Please give your impression of the current status of malaria in:

1. Regions where DDT has been used historically or currently for malaria control (includes numerous locations in portions of Africa, Asia, South America, Europe, and Central/North America)

2. Regions where DDT has not been used [or little used] historically for malaria control (includes mostly SubSaharan Africa).

Compare the present status of malaria in each location with the malaria situation of the 1950s 1960s and 1970s. Please cite specific locations, case numbers and references for Part B of the question.

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