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In 1998, in partnership with the MFI and MEMISA, British global explorer David Robertson launched a great challenge: to circumnavigate the globe in a four-wheel drive vehicle to draw attention to the growing danger of malaria. MFI assisted Mr. Robertson in raising public and political awareness in countries throughout Africa and Europe. To date he has visited 48 countries. Having helped David get off to a good start, the MFI wishes him well in his travels!

South Africa is country number 27 as Africa leg begins. (press release  17 March 1999)

Rotarians Against MalariaLetter to fellow Rotarians asking for support for DAM

Statement from David Nabarro of WH0 (World Health Organization):

“Well I just want to say that you are absolutely, vitally important to ROLL BACK MALARIA. In ten years time we are going to see the halving in the number of people who die as the result of the malaria parasite. This will be as a result of an enormous global movement from lots of organizations' work together in partnership and it's a result of you, David and the Drive Against Malaria group sponsored by MEMISA and the Malaria Foundation International that will make this possible. You will transform the landscape of community action against malaria and I look forward to following your progress with very great interest!!! Good Luck!. 

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